Adult The Divine Letter of “K”


The Divine Letter of “K”




In my dreams it’s so beautiful but that doesn’t mean


I don’t toss and turn at night clutching


The air I can’t breathe and thrashing at the pillow


That won’t comfort the twisted soul and now


I drink to soothe the shakes I endure


Because broken hearts are to soak in alcohol to cleanse itself.


You make it hard to forget that I loved so


Innocently that I’m still looking for who I


Loved back when I was younger because we are


One of those clichés we never aimed to be


And I have the hindsight to remember what it’s like


To be behind you, and underneath you as poised as


An 18-year-old can be whose nervous because it’s his first time


With you and we’re trespassing in my aunt’s apartment


In her guest room when we told your parents we’d be at the movies.


When we were in my father’s truck drunk


on each other and stacked together like puzzle pieces that only fit together when you flip


The other upside down, and tasting the garden of Eden and search for a God


Who would let me wallow like this in a world


Of memory and sin, But


Maybe it’s what I deserve


To love something too full with desire


Overflowing and indiscriminant towards


Any well-kept lion’s mane and


The divine letter of “K”


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