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I’ve seen the best of my lifetime taken over by their own minds, ravenous on the pursuit of perfection


Thirsting for acceptance from the disenfranchised in the name of fame


Circling the eccentricities that confine and fester inside the carnal obsessions


Who call to the gods in the name of science and progress


Who pretend that college can be broken down into the number of drinks one shares,


And classes they skip, are optional like abortions in the United States where fucking is taboo,


Who protest hard labor and stare into their own souls stoned against the walls


Selling drugs to those little kids lurking off the walls.


Who blow the western wind clinging to their guns and their exotic minx fur


Puking in their complacency, content to let their filth dribble out the passed out wretches


Subjugated to the toxins in the same masterful curse of Irish descent


Who rage against the coming morning light, that stupor of enigma


Razing the cities of people clustered around their cultic pleasures


Bonded in decision to break their wills against the lives that also matter


Who believe in the equity of the superior and the misery of the humble


To the ends of whores and trigger pullers yanking cocks because they got the itch


And now Mississippi is burning online, but there is no knowledge lost like in Alexandria


Who tweet and shuffle about not knowing what to call the for equality against the glorious claims of brutality established.


Who flock like doves enamored with violence unable help those who find tragedy to be comedic.


Those traders of human flesh, selling humans to the next big thing.


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