I can be strong


I can be strong




I wake up and I’m riding your BMW David takes a ride with me and we go


two up and I’m riding to Boutwells Landing but I’m not


working today but in week they might call and I’ll still be busy.


I lose my breath but I haven’t had one to lose for a long time like a never ending series of exhales but no breaths in between like I’m suffocating but no air comes out and David he sees you too and he can’t bear your silhouette skin.


We go for a walk and talk about how annoying Kanye is, and how skinny ties are still in style which is good because those are all I have.


Then he remembers he doesn’t have his Samsung with him, but I tell him it’s ok because I have mine and then He asks me if I like Bud Lite like you do, Because I like Pepsi just like you do.


but my Samsung keeps ringing, yesterday we were here and my sister was calling me and calling me cause I didn’t say I was leaving and I get so annoyed


 I take my battery out of my Galaxy. People won’t leave me alone and I just want to be in the background like wallpaper and unnoticed.


David wants chicken fingers so we go find Huebcsh, the slimy cook and get some chicken fingers, which he gives us


straight from the fryer and that means today could be a good day, because every day with chicken fingers is a good day except-----


We come back to find you and you’re not here anymore and I can be strong I just can’t tell people I’m strong but You said I could be


But I need you to be strong and I’m looking everywhere in the world but all I’m finding are pieces of you and places you’ve been and clothes you haven’t worn in a while.




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