Freedom lives on two wheels.


Freedom lives on two wheels.




Soaring on silver winged tips spitting amber across the moonlit sky


Cresting every valley, peaking every winding twisty.


Four wheel onlookers coming up the road


Their hearts safe inside their cages


Not understanding these two wings move the soul.


There are some, a bold few initiates


Who know why the dog sticks his head out of the window.


And yet here we are borne again into the night


Tasting midnight and washing it down with crisp air.


Syncing cylinders to the racing


Of our ventricles as we chase after heaven faster and harder


Cleansing ourselves in the wind, we ride away from the morning light


dragging our knees closer to the ground, raising our spirits


Taking off once more as we raise our odometers


Defiant as we illuminate the endless dark.


Outracing our guardian angels, the long way round.


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